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Dress Code - Students

On June 27, 2005, The Board of Education voted unanimously to make the wearing of school uniforms (navy blue bottoms and white tops) mandatory for all students in grades K-8. Therefore students are required to wear their uniforms each and everyday, on P.E. days the students may wear navy blue sweat pants and a white shirt. To be exempt from the uniform policy, parents/ guardian must submit a letter to the Superintendent of Schools requesting exemption from the uniform policy for good cause. In the event that your child is allowed exclusion from wearing a uniform, keep in mind that dress must dress must be clean and neat.  Dress may not be destructive or disruptive to the school environment, present a threat to safety and health, or violate the law.

The following items of attire should not be worn in school:

  • Bare midriffs, halters, tank tops and articles of clothing which display excessive nudity.  The shirt and/or blouse must meet the pants and/or jeans, trousers, slacks, skirts.
  • Excessively short shorts.  Mid thigh to knee are acceptable.
  • Any article which is excessively soiled.
  • Any articles which display indecent writing, pictures or slogans.
  • Non-prescription sunglasses.
  • Any article which could cause damage to self, other persons or property.
  • Hats, bandanas, sweat bands or head coverings (unless religious) may not be worn in classrooms.
  • Backless sandals, flipflops


Failure to comply with the dress code policy as it pertains to uniforms may result in exclusion from all school activities. (i.e. Field trips, dances, etc).

Please click in the link for the summer reading and summer activities information
Incoming Grade 5 Summer Reading Activities.pdf

Bullying can have serious effects, including problems with feelings and schoolwork. If you think your child may be the victim of a bully:

• Respond with care and love, stay calm
• Note details about the bullying, what, when, where and who.
• Share your concerns with the principal or your child’s teacher, they are here to help.
  Effective January 5, 2011 the State of New Jersey approved a “New Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) Law”.  To view the entire law visit:
 Effective August 31, 2011 the State of New Jersey approved the "Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act"  To view this entire law visit:


Click on the link to read the student handbook

student handbook 2014-2015.doc

Hillside Uniform Exchange
Giving and Getting School Uniforms
You do not have to donate a uniform to receive one. We do not have every size.
If you have uniforms to donate, please bring them!
This is a FREE program!

Click on the link for new updated information

Uniform exchange flyer.pdf

Si usted necesita algún documento en el idioma español,por favor contacte a la escuela.

Welcome to the Hillside Public School’s Genesis Parent Portal

The Gradebook module in the parent portal is now available.  Gradebook gives parents real-time access to view their child's class assignment grades. The web site, parents.hillsidek12.org, will provide you with the information you need to access  your child's attendance and academic records. Information will continually be updated. In order to create user accounts and passwords, you must email:

  • your first and last name
  • your child/ren’s names
  • your email address

 Please email this information to ppereira@hillsidek12.org.  Upon receipt of your information, you will electronically receive instructions to set up an account.

Report Cards will no longer be routinely mailed. If you do not have internet access, contact your child’s school.  Arrangements will be made for you to receive a hard copy of the report card.

Any questions or concerns please call the main office.

Visit the Hillside Public Library at www.hillsidepl.org

Parents it is very important that we have current contact numbers for your children. Many times the phone numbers we have are disconnected or changed, in the event of an emergency we need to be able to contact you.

Please remember to call the school at 908-352-7664 Ext. 7400 when your child will be absent.
Thank you!

School Mission Statement

George Washington Elementary School

“Together Everyone Achieves More”

  Vision Statement

 The vision of George Washington is to foster a learning environment with high academic standards where all students are safe, nurtured and encouraged to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens.  Together, we create a positive learning environment for all.

 Mission Statement

 George Washington is a community that embraces the strengths, needs, and diversity of all students.  We celebrate students and their families as we strive to develop communication skills, independence, deep understanding, technological awareness, lifelong learners, and excellent character.

George Washington’s Code of Conduct

  1.  Bullying is not allowed in our school or on the bus.

  2. Use of kind words – no teasing, name calling, or putting others down in school or on the bus.

  3. We show self-control by keeping our hands and feet to ourselves in school and on the bus.

  4. We will make sure that everyone is included and no one is left out.

  5. We will speak up and stop bullying (if we can) or go for help right away.

  6. We treat each other with kindness and respect at all times in school and on the bus.

  7. We respect each other’s property (school property, too).

  8. We look for the good in others and value differences.

Click on the link for a Spanish version


George Washington Elementary School-Spanish docx-1.docx


Summer Reading

Dear Parents,

Summer Reading assignments are now posted on the district and school websites under the “student” tab. They are also posted on your teacher’s class page. All assignments are due back to school by September 12, 2014.  It is important to have your child read over the summer to enhance reading skills. Sustained summer reading leads to higher graduation rates, positive self-esteem and confidence, not to mention it is just plain fun!

Have a safe and happy summer!

School Nurse

My job is to help keep your children healthy so

they can do their jobs which is to learn. Read more...

Safety and Security Information

Safety- VERY IMPORTANT • Do not park or drop off children in the school lot. • Please have your children arrive at school close to the bell (8:45) and return home promptly at 3:05. • Always have identification with you when picking up your child during the school day. Please note that only the listed guardians or emergency contacts on the emergency card will have the authority to remove a child from the building. • All doors remain locked during the school day. Please ring the front entrance bell for assistance. • Do not park your car by the yellow lines in front of the building. This space is reserved for bus arrivals and departures as well as municipal vehicles (fire, police) in case of emergencies. Tickets will be issued by the Hillside Police Department for violators of this rule.

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

George Washington's Co Anti-Bullying Specialists:
908 352-7664 ext 7400
1530 Leslie Street, Hillside, NJ

As per the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (ABR) (P.L.2010, c.122), the Hillside Public Schools has posted its Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act grades to the school district's HIB webpage, and to each individual school's webpage. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Sharon Festante, Anti-Bullying Coordinator if you have any questions.

HIB Self-Assessment Grade

Report forms, Policies and other information is located at, 
District HIB Information 
Contact Board Office if rules of pupil conduct are required in language other than English

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